Coaching is a holistic process which considers any and all aspects of the client’s life and or business situation.

Whilst coaching is often promoted as being action led, the actions themselves, whilst important, are less important than the outcomes that derive from these actions.

The process of coaching is the art of getting the client to identify their own answers to a situation and accepting personal responsibility for taking actions appropriate to resolve that situation

This means that I ask lots of questions, and I watch and listen to responses to gauge what effect this has on the client’s physiology.  The fact that I practise other disciplines such as NLP and Kinesiology means that I can use many different techniques during the course of the coaching process.

One of the standard British definitions of a coach is this: "a single-decker vehicle, especially one that is comfortably equipped and used for longer journeys." It may seem a little bit strange at first, but a coach, like the vehicle mentioned above, is comfortably equipped and trained to help you get wherever you want to go, safely and securely.