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Kinesiology was originally developed by an American chiropractor called George Goodheart DC.  He found that by testing muscles before and after he made a correction he achieved better results for his patients.  As time progressed he was able to make a connection between various muscles and acupuncture meridians.  This was the beginning of the field known as Applied Kinesiology

Geoff specialises in a particular branch of Kinesiology called Touch for Health (TFH).  TFH is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world.  TFH is a simplified version of the basic Applied Kinesiology, developed by John Thie DC.  It offers a safe, effective way to maintain health and well-being that is available to people with no previous knowledge of their body and how it works.

TFH is a holistic approach to health which teaches the restoring of our natural energies. It is a practical guide to natural health using acupressure, touch and massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension.

Kinesiology is a blend of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western techniques that allow a Kinesiologist to treat you in a truly holistic manner.  Each person’s session is unique to them.  Kinesiology can establish connections between imbalances and can establish which the priority issue to be dealt with is and what is the most effective treatment at that time.

Kinesiology uses a range of gentle yet extremely powerful techniques. These restore balance to your system and create and maintain health and well-being.  You can function better on all levels. Kinesiology also allows the Kinesiologist to draw on other healing techniques and modalities and integrate them into the session where appropriate and indicated by the muscle response.

Some people consider kinesiology to be one of the best methods to use to uncover and help the underlying causes of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means.